100% natural and organic henna powder. Freshly grown in the sahara desert of southern Morocco. Henna powder is made from the leaves of the henna plant - leaves are dried and then ground into powder. 
Henna is an all-natural plant dye that is often used in Moroccan culture to create temporary tattoos or to hair dye. But, henna can also be used for hair and skin care. It's antiseptic for fungal and helps fight bacterial skin infections, including ringworm. It can treat various types of rashes, irritation, burns, sunburn and more. Henna can give the skin a cooling effect and can give you relief from rashes and other skin problems.

The most prominent benefit and use of henna is the hair care it provides. It can effectively control hair loss and can improve the overall hair quality. It can also cure dryness, dandruff as well as graying of hair. Henna is a good hair conditioner as well. Use of henna can give you silky, shiny and stronger hair.

Moroccan Henna Powder 150g