Natural flower water certified by Ecocert and USDA Organic.

Hydrolats or flower waters, are produced during the steam distillation of essential oils. These waters contain water soluble plant extracts making them perfect as natural skin toners. 

Our organic rose hydrolat has a sweet delicate aroma.

It’s properties benefit sensitive, irritated, dry, and even oily skin complexions by controlling sebum production, reducing inflammation, and allowing the outer skin barrier to heal and repair itself. Rose water tightens the pores making them appear smaller. It helps balance the skin’s PH.

Suitable for all skin types. 

it can be spritzed straight from the bottle or sprayed onto a cotton pad, and leave the skin feeling soft, clean, without any tightness. 


Certifie par MA- BIO- 154 

Agriculture Maroc 

USDA- NOP Certified Organic by Ecocert SA

Rose Water (hydrolat) 100ml